Blueshark R1
Blueshark R1
Smart Electric Scooter
SMART is the new POWER.
160 km
80 km / h
Top Speed
Dual ECUs + CAN Bus
Smart Central Control System
ArkRideTM OS
Blueshark Smart Operating System
Blueshark R1 high-speed electric motor
Power Your Ride
5,000 W High-speed Electric Motor
R for “Robor.” The Blueshark R1 is powered by a cutting-edge permanent magnet gear motor, with performance that far surpasses that of any typical wheel hub motor.
Be prepared for an adrenaline rush when you start your ride!
5,000 w
Maximum Power
5,500 rpm
Maximum RPM
201 N·m
80 km/h
Top Speed
40 %
Climbing Ability
4.9 s
From 0-50 kmph
Gear Drive
Compared to a traditional belt and chain drivetrain, the Blueshark R1’s 20CrMnTi alloy gear set has clear advantages in regards to
transmission rate, efficiency and life expectancy.
Blueshark R1 double hydraulic disc brakes
Blueshark R1 double hydraulic disc brakes
Double Hydraulic Disc Brakes with CBS
The Blueshark R1 is equipped with double hydraulic disc brakes, along with a combination braking system, allowing both wheels to bear braking force simultaneously no matter which brake lever you pull. Stop right where you are!
Blueshark R1 electric motor controller
Steer at Will
Electric Motor Controller
The Blueshark R1 rocks a high-power FOC electric motor controller, empowering our riders to steer smooth as silk. Through its advanced architecture, low power consumption, light weight and solid build, our motor controller reflects the quality and standards of the automotive industry.
Blueshark 6 Driving Modes
6 Driving Modes
With the tuning of the controller, the Blueshark R1 support 6 driving
modes, including 3 Regular Driving Modes, the Helping Boost Mode
and the Turbo Racing Mode*.
*Available only with both of the battery packs working simultaneously
Blueshark dual lithium battery packs
Juice All Week
Dual Lithium-Ion Battery Packs
Two automobile class lithium-ion battery packs are loaded in the trunk of the Blueshark R1. Under regular driving conditions*, you’ll have 160 kilometers of range, adequate for a whole week of urban commuting.
2,880 Wh
Dual-Battery Capacity
160 km
Dual-Battery Range*
3.5 h
Charging from 0-100%
Battery Management System


Strong / Weak Electricity

Overcharge Protection

Voltage Balance


Over-discharge Protection

Charging Cycle Count

Open-circuit Protection

Optical Communication

Dual-battery Discharge

Short-circuit Protection

Secondary Protection of
Battery Failures

Dual-battery Charging

Overcurrent Protection

Overheat Protection
Blueshark turbo boost mode
Turbo Boost Mode
We have independently developed a technique that automatically switches between a series and parallel connection among multiple batteries. You will get a longer range with a
parallel connection, while Turbo Boost Mode* can be activated with a series connection. This technology is a prominent breakthrough in BMS.
*Available only with both of the battery packs working simultaneously
Blueshark R1 multi-scenario flash charge
Charging Cradle
Blueshark R1 multi-scenario flash charge
Direct Charger
Multi-Scenario Flash Charge
As long as there is electricity, there is a way of charging the Blueshark R1. It only takes 2.5 hours to charge from 0% to 80%, and can
be fully charged within 3.5 hours.
Blueshark R1 industrial design
Blueshark R1 industrial design
Blueshark R1 industrial design
Blueshark R1 industrial design
Designed with Disciplined
Craftsmanship Trumps Everything
Manufactured in the A-list motorcycle factories
Top Class Supply Chain Partners
200 kg Carrying Capacity
Blueshark automotive technology
Automotive Technology
Blueshark dual ECUs + CAN bus
Dual ECUs + CAN Bus
One of the ECUs connects to Blueshark’s IoV system via a 4G communication module, while the other monitors and adjusts the driving status in real time. Both of the ECUs can
work independently or connect as a unit through the CAN bus.
Blueshark R1 10” HD screen
Fingerprint Ignition
Blueshark R1 10” HD screen
Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems
Blueshark R1 10” HD screen
Bluetooth Music Playback
Blueshark R1 10” HD screen
Battery Information
10" Full Color HD Screen
The Blueshark R1 rocks a 10” full color HD screen, with ArkRide OS running on it. ArkRide OS supports GPS, Beidou and 4G navigation, music /
video playing, driving recorder, OTA updates, etc., bringing about intuitive interaction experience for our users.
Blueshark R1 AI range estimation
AI Range Estimation
Combining parameters like remaining battery capacity, environmental temperature, total weight, etc., the Blueshark R1 intelligently
calculates the remaining battery range.
Blueshark APP
Blueshark APP
The Blueshark R1 interacts with the IoV system in real time, and messages are synchronized to the Blueshark App on your smartphone.
Blueshark R1 with 74 sensors
74 Sensors
A total of 74 sensors are spread all over the body of the Blueshark R1, collecting information such as speed, acceleration,
temperature, environmental lighting, seat pressure, etc.
Blueshark R1 helping boost mode
Helping Boost Mode
When the user gets up, the pressure sensors alter the driving mode into the Helping Boost Mode. A helping force is given to move the R1.
Meanwhile the regular driving mode is deactivated to prevent misoperation.
Blueshark R1 ADAS
Dual-camera system monitors and
records the drive
Blueshark R1 ADAS
Dual-camera system monitors and
records the drive
Blueshark R1 ADAS
Ultrasonic sensors keep track of the distance
between vehicles
Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems
ADAS records the driving process. Images and notices are shown on the display attached to the handlebars in real time.
Blueshark R1 fingerprint ignition
Fingerprint Ignition
Blueshark R1 PKE
Passive Keyless Entry
Safety Matters
We have adopted PKE from the automobile industry in order to automatically lock or unlock the Blueshark R1. With the fingerprint sensor,
you can start the R1 with a touch of your thumb.
Blueshark R1 positioning system
Positioning System
Blueshark R1 virtual vroom
Virtual Vroom
Blueshark R1 waterprool
IPX5 Waterproof Panel Display
Blueshark R1 water level sensor
Water Level Sensor
Specs & Features
Blueshark R1 specs and features
Rated Load Capacity
200 kg
Weight (w/o Batteries)
92 kg
Spindrift White
Deepsea Black
Blueshark Blue
Starting Ignition
Fingerprint Sensor
Panel Screen
10" Full Color IPS Display
Smart Operating System
ArkRideTM OS
Battery Capacity
1,440*2 Wh
160 km @ 25 km/h
Peak Power
5,000 W
Top Speed
80 km/h
Max Rotational Speed
5,500 rpm
Smart Central Control System
Dual ECUs + CAN Bus
ADAS (Advanced
Driver-assistance System)

Dual Cameras + Dual
Supersonic Sensors
Braking System
Front & Rear Disc Brakes
with CBS
(Combined Braking System)

*Theoretical range with a 70 kg passenger, 25 ℃ and a driving speed of 25 km/h